City Place Burlington – Demolition and Construction

As you know, demolition has moved beyond the interior of the old Burlington Town Center and a large portion of the Bank Street section of the old BTC is now down. We are removing both levels of the old Burlington Town Center mall that stretches from St. Paul Street to Pine Street along Bank Street, and this work is almost completed. This demolition is being undertaken and completed with [...]

CityPlace Burlington — The Place for Learning!

As we transform the old Burlington Town Center site into the new CityPlace Burlington site and add new homes, new offices, new retail, more parking and better street connectivity, we are changing downtown, and one change we are happy to report is that Heartworks will be opening a world-class early childhood education and preschool program at CityPlace Burlington. We are entering into a collaboration with Heartworks, an outstanding group [...]

Find Your New Home here at CityPlace Burlington

As a part of our development, CityPlace Burlington is developing new apartments in the heart of downtown Burlington. Most of the new units (possibly 319 in total) will be rentals, but some may be slated for sale as condominiums and that decision depends on your interest, so let us know if you are interested in a condominium at CityPlace Burlington. These new apartments will offer a level of sophisticated [...]

CityPlace Burlington…a project that is all about our community

The new CityPlace Burlington has been planned to take into account the community’s interests, needs and desires, including what services CityPlace Burlington could offer the community. We will likely include 1) a preschool to educate and care for our children 2) new retailers that will provide everyday services to the community such as a drug store, a convenience store, and a primary care facility. We will also offer the [...]

What Devonwood People Think of CityPlace Burlington

A mixture of characters, all interested in helping make CityPlace Burlington a booming success. We are Vermonters and Burlingtonians who originated from Canada, Jamaica, Philadelphia, and New York City. We work in security, housekeeping, marketing, design, construction management, financial and legal areas which are all necessary in order to make CityPlace Burlington a success. Many of us have young children, so we are excited about having a pre-school at [...]

Find Your Place to Live, Work and Shop at the New City Place Burlington

We are ready to start construction! As you may have heard, last Monday, Burlington City Council approved by a vote of 11-1 our final Development Agreement. That is the last hurdle before we start construction. The Development Agreement outlines how we will interact with the City throughout the development period. It covers issues like paying liveable wages, providing health insurance benefits to workers, hiring qualified local employees, purchasing local [...]

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